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November, 2002

Many voters have expressed a desire to have a better voting system for choosing their government at local, provincial, and federal levels. In Vancouver, voters have consistently shown interested in moving to a fairer system of electing their city government. This desire was reflected by most candidates and parties in the November, 2002, election campaign advocating changing the voting system in Vancouver away from the current "at large" system, usually toward a system comprised exclusively of single-member wards (a system similar to what is used at the provincial and federal levels) or to a mixed system of proportional representation and wards. In 1996, 59.43% of Vancouver voters indicated that they would like to see a change to the method of electing city councillors.

Media Release Report

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The Greater Vancouver Chapter asked Vancouver parties, mayoralty candidates, and council candidates the following four questions:

  1. Do you favour keeping the existing system of electing city government in Vancouver, with no change?
  2. If you do not favour keeping the current system, what changes would you advocate if elected?
  3. How important is it to you that Vancouver's voting system should include a degree of neighbourhood representation, that is that different parts of the city should vote separately for candidates representing their area?
  4. How important is it to you that Vancouver's voting system should include a degree of proportional representation, that is that minority views of Vancouverites should be represented on council in relation to the number of voters who express them?

The questions were sent by fax and email, where available. Some candidates responded individually, others submitted a collective response through their party.

The following responses were received:

Vancouver Municipal Parties (Elector Organizations)

Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE)
Vancouver Green Party
Vancouver Civic ActionTeam (vcaTEAM)
Vancouver Independent Party

Vancouver Mayoralty Candidates

Larry W. Campbell (COPE)
Raymond Chang
Jennifer Clarke (NPA)
Valerie Maclean (vcaTEAM)
Andre Paris
Thomas Reekie (Vancouver Independent Party)

Vancouver Council Candidates

Fred Bass (COPE)
Brent Bazinet (vcaTEAM)
Constantine Bonnis (vcaTEAM)
Nancy A. Chiavario (vcaTEAM)
Art Cowie (vcaTEAM)
Connie Fogal-Rankin (Green Party)
Alan Herbert (vcaTEAM)
Barney Hickey (vcaTEAM)
Don Lee (NPA)
Tim Louis (COPE)
Ryan Millar (Dance Party Party)
Wendy Turner (vcaTEAM)
Doug Warkentin (Green Party)
Duncan Wilson (NPA)


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