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Dear Municipal Party | Candidate,

As you know, many voters have expressed a desire to change Vancouver's voting system. In addition to the current "at large" system, political commentators have suggested electing councillors either in single-member wards, or using some variant of proportional representation. In 1996, 59.43% of Vancouver voters indicated that they would like to see a change to the method of electing city councillors.

Fair Vote Canada is a non-partisan grassroots organization, founded in 2000, which is building a nationwide campaign for voting system reform in Canada. The Greater Vancouver Chapter of Fair Vote Canada has initiated a project to determine where the various municipal candidates and parties stand on municipal electoral reform.

We therefore ask that you answer the following questions by Sunday, November 10:

Do you favour keeping the existing system of electing city government in Vancouver, with no change?

If you do not favour keeping the current system, what changes would you advocate if elected?

How important is it to you that Vancouver's voting system should include a degree of neighbourhood representation, that is that different parts of the city should vote separately for candidates representing their area?

How important is it to you that Vancouver's voting system should include a degree of proportional representation, that is that minority views of Vancouverites should be represented on council in relation to the number of voters who express them?

Please respond by email to vancouver@fairvotecanada.org or by fax to 604-939-8784

Thank you for your answers,

Fair Vote Canada
Greater Vancouver Chapter.

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