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Across Canada, citizens unhappy with lopsided legislatures and inadequate representation are pushing politicians to explore changes to the electoral process. In British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec, consultations on electoral reform are already underway, while in other provinces, the issue has reached the political agenda. Now, citizen groups and organizations such as the Law Commission of Canada are examining the route to reform at the federal level, where the problems of the current "first past the post" system are perhaps most acute. Everywhere, it seems, Canadians are realizing that the process of democratic participation and representation is the key to a host of other political goals, from unity to equity to accountability.

National Campaigns and Projects

  • The Make Every Vote Count Campaign. This campaign will use the period leading up to 2004/2005 federal election to build strong public support for voting system reform and to make voting system reform an election issue. The multi-year campaign will follow the general course of (1) FVC organization and campaign development, (2) membership expansion, public education, and network development, (3) intensified contact with party members and supporters, and more endorsements from organizations, opinion leaders, and media, and (4) establishing issues during the pre-election period requiring a response and position from all parties and politicians.

  • The Make Every Vote Count Petition for a Fair Voting System. The present voting system wastes millions of votes, distorts election results and denies fair representation to many Canadians. This petition calls on the Government of Canada and all other Parliamentary parties to (1) initiate a public consultation on instituting a more proportional voting system, and (2) provide Canadians with a referendum process to choose the best voting system. The petition can be view and printed at http://www.fairvotecanada.org/eng/petition/Petition.pdf
  • Local Campaigns and Projects

  • Local members are making presentations and submissions to the Electoral Boundaries Commission. The Commission will propose new federal electoral boundaries for British Columbia based on the 2001 census, and will be convening public meetings in the Fall of 2002.
  • British Columbia Attorney General Geoff Plant has reaffirmed the BC government's commitment to a Citizen's Assembly. The Greater Vancouver Chapter of Fair Vote Canada supports the efforts of Fair Voting BC in its efforts to ensure that this will be an open and fair process.
  • Past Campaigns and Archives

  • November, 2002.
    The Greater Vancouver Chapter completed a project to determine where the various municipal parties and candidates stand on Vancouver municipal electoral reform. Results of that survey may be found here.
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